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- Basement completely dry with no drainage system!
- Same lifespan as concrete.

Many reputable experts and customers have confirmed
"INTOC had been effective for the last 20 years."

"Basement waterproofing is impossible"


Whether we live in them or we build them, building and construction in general plays a vital role in our everyday lives. As technology progresses, we have made better, stronger, and more beautiful constructions. However, there's still a problem: waterproofing. Especially, basement waterproofing.

Many experts and constitutions have recognize that waterproofing is a difficult task, and basement waterproofing is almost an impossible task. And the world had came to accept that the best way is to let unwanted water in, drain it, and pump it out. 

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

"Few, if any, basements are truly waterproof. To remain dry, basements need a properly designed and constructed drainage system to intercept water moving through the soil and drain it away from the structure, preventing the water from ever reaching the basement walls or floor." (source)

The New York Times

"According to statistics published by the American Society of Home Inspectors, a nonprofit professional association, about 60 percent of the houses in the United States have moisture problems." (source)

BOB VILA - home improvement TV shows


"There is no such thing as a waterproof basement.

The key is to minimize the water that gets in and get it back out again before it affects your home …" (source)

University of Minnesota

“The most effective solution to water and moisture problems in basements is to install a drainage system.” (source)

How we CAN actually do it

Let us introduce you to INTOC, not a new solution, but a tested & proven solution to completely waterproof a basement without any drainage system. Especially, we're the only product in the world to have ever succeeded in Barrette - wall basement waterproofing with no drainage system needed.


We've successfully waterproof projects where 4 or 5 other companies had failed using different products imported from developed country. Many customers and even experts have given testimonies to confirm our effectiveness had lasted over 20 year.

Send us an inquiry about your most difficult waterproofing task on  Contact us . Thank you.

Nguyen Tan Van

President of Vietnam Association of Architects

Waterproofing is a very difficult task, which was a big problem for me. But when I started working with INTOC, I just see success after success! 

Pham Xuan Vien

Lieutenant Colonel, Director of Victory Hotel Saigon

Our high-rise pool was one of the few in the city. We tried and failed to waterproof with at least 5 different foreign products. Then we decided to tried INTOC, and 16 years later, even til this day, there's has been absolutely no problem.

Pham Thanh Truyen
M.Arch., Director of

Cat Moc Group

One time, I recommended INTOC for a large hospital project, but they only accept for 1 out of 4 buildings, the rest used imported products. Then before the construction even finished, it suffers from heavy water damage, EXCEPT where INTOC waterproofing was used.

Tao Van Nghe

Director of

REX Hotel Saigon

Our 5-star hotel has a high-rise pool that we failed to waterproof with 4-5 different imported products. Then when we chose INTOC, our water leaking problem was completely gone.

Pham Hong Luan

PhD., Assoc. Prof. at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

I will say that I no longer have any doubts in INTOC!
It is a great joy and to see a local technology
beating out
foreign competition.