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In Vietnam, most constructions are waterproofed with imported products, and at the same time most of them are suffering water damage in just a short period after being built. Especially where there’s high water pressure, such as water tank, high-rise pool, elevator pit, and the biggest problem of all: basement. In many cases, there were 4 or 5 attempts to waterproof, spanning over many months, and ultimately is met with failure. This is happening more and more frequently!


To explain this epidemic, many people suggests that imported products must be good, the problem is in the lack of skill, wrong execution, and the harsh weather of Vietnam, etc.


So is this true? Let’s see what are foriegn experts are saying about their own waterproofing situation:

  • In the USA, over 60% of houses and basements are water damaged (according to the New York Times)

  • Many institutions and experts (including The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the University of Minnesota, the Bob Villa show, and many more) concluded that it is impossible truly waterproof basements. And the best thing to do is to limit the water coming in, and pump the water out when it does get in. The full system include: Soil work + drainage + sump pump + cover wall + dehumidifier.


So foreign waterproofing products are not what we expect them to be.

Therefore, in order to not continue to pay the price, we must change the way we choose waterproofing products, and that is to Choose a product that has been proven to work for over 10 years in real, specific construction projects.

How is INTOC different?

Before we introduce our technology, please note that the most important thing, also the thing that makes our customers never switch, is our result.


Currently, we are the only waterproofing brand that many prestige customers and experts have confirmed to be effective for the last 15-20 years. We are also the only company in the world that can completely waterproof a leaking diaphragm-wall basement WITHOUT the use of any drainage or pumping system.

Our product was developed with many years of research. The goal was
1. Works immediately.
2. Last a long time.