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Quán Sứ Pagoda

Quan Su Pagoda – Buddhist temple in Hanoi, Headquarter of Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam

Quán Sứ Pagoda, also known as Ambassadors' Pagoda, is a Buddhist temple in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam. It was first built in the 15th century and is now Headquarter of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

After the 5th times waterproofing repair without success just in 10 years, the Temple Board of Directors and X1-Haai Architecture Consulting Firm have decided to work with INTOC due to our qualified waterproofing performance in previous projects (Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc Pagoda – Cao Bang province and Ren Village Pagoda – Bac Ninh province).

Photos taken during the process (remove previous failed waterproofing layers, clean and prepare the concrete base, then waterproof with INTOC).

Quán Sứ Pagoda
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