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GIGAMALL Shopping Complex

INTOC have completed waterproofing the entire diaphragm walls (about 5,000 square meters) of the Barrette underground structure. There were at least 5 other teams took on the task previously, but all failed to stop the water.

Before and After videos at GIGAMALL - diaphragm walls of Barrette underground structure

Barrette underground structure before our work.

After INTOC completed waterproofing, the basement space is totally dry, with no need for the drainage + sump pump + cover walls system.

The project owner decided to apply finish mortar directly on the diaphragm walls, no need for extra cover walls (which was the original design plan).

On July 31st 2020, the Quality Control Department of Coteccons Construction Company visited and confirmed INTOC’s effectiveness.

GIGAMALL Shopping Complex
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