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“About 60% of U.S. homes and basements have wet or moisture problem”, as reported by the American Society of Home Inspectors, published on The New York Times and other publications.

Additionally, a study by Minnesota University stated that the most effective solution to water and moisture problem in basement is to install drainage and sump pump system, and a dehumidifier in certain cases. Read more at: https://goo.gl/g2jrJL

This solution is also widely accepted in many countries. The drainage and sump pump required power and regular maintenance throughout the life of the basement - which can be very complicated and costly in the long term. However, risk of mold (due to hidden moisture) remains and since you cannot paint or put tiles on the wall, dry wall is required, which also adds to the finishing cost.

Meanwhile, for the last 20 years, INTOC has been providing effective and innovative waterproofing solution to many basements and high water pressure projects - no drain needed. It has real proven results and gains absolute trust from experts and customers in Vietnam and neighboring countries.

INTOC’s Differences:

Truly cement-based: The product is liquid; it is mixed with cement on-site and applied fresh (not cement-polymer mix). The waterproofing bonds and becomes a part of the concrete-mortar structure. This solution is going to last through the life of the project.

Excellent water-resistant: withstanding water pressure of 10 Bar (10 daN/cm2, 100 meters height water column), even on positive or negative side. Read the tests: http://goo.gl/DUXkTP

After INTOC-04 waterproofing is done, the basement will be completely dry, no mold, no hidden moisture, and you can apply paint, tiles, or wallpapers directly on the wall – no cost of installing an extra wall or dehumidifier.

Simple application: just spraying or apply manually as regular slurry/mortar. Works on smooth, rough, or even damp surfaces. Instruction videos: https://goo.gl/Ee2vNx

Multipurpose: proven solution for new constructions and repairing projects. One process for all waterproofing needs, positive or negative side: basement, water tank, high-rise swimming pool, elevator pit, rooftop garden, bathroom, etc.

One-time cost: no extra power bill, no maintenance. 

INTOC is trusted by many experts and customers:
INTOC Waterproofing has proven effectiveness in many high water pressure projects - in which other products had failed.

Watch our testimonials: http://www.waterproofingintoc.com/what-our-customers-say-about-us

We have collaborated with Vietnam Association of Architects, Ho Chi Minh City Association of Architects and many Universities to present waterproofing seminars: https://goo.gl/vup6Iq

With excellent waterproof feature and real proven results, we believe that our product is the simple and low-cost solution to your wet basement problem. You will have a real dry basement – no seepage, no hidden moisture, and no mold – all without the ongoing cost of a drainage and sump pump system.

GROW your business with us:

  • Work with confidence on difficult waterproofing jobs that your competitors struggle to complete. 
  • INTOC solution is 90% cheaper than a water control system (the common solution to water intrusion in basement - which needs ongoing power and regular maintenance), so your customers will get very competitive quote and satisfied result that really lasts. 
  • Save on your time and labor cost with a simple and fast application: mix INTOC with fresh cement on-site and apply on concrete base as regular slurry. Work conveniently from any direction: positive or negative, internal or external. 
  • Spend less on your warranty cost and increase you reputation: our partners confirmed this. 

Contact us for product samples for your most difficult waterproofing project so you can experience the quality that has made INTOC a trusted brand.

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