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To our dear customers,


Over the world, waterproofing is a difficult field, both in theory and in practice:

In theory: There is no mandatory General Quality Standard for waterproofing products, and construction schools do not have courses on waterproofing.


Since January 1st, 2018, the National Technical Regulations, issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction (TCVN 16: 2017/BXD), have removed compliance standard requirements for waterproofing materials. Consequently, common quality tests on elasticity, adhesion, porousness, crystallization, etc. (even when the results are “zero-permeability”) would have no scientific basis to conclude on the actual performances of the materials in the long run.


In practice, the water intrusion rate is very high in Vietnam as well as other countries, particularly in challenging projects such as water tanks, high-rise swimming pools, rooftop gardens, etc. The most difficult task in waterproofing would be the basement. Numerous researches from the USA and other nations confirmed:


It is not possible to completely waterproof basements; the only way to solve water problems is a drainage system + sump pumps + cover walls + dehumidifier and maintain this system throughout the life of the building, which is quite complicated and costly.

(Please read more at links: 1,2,3)


Therefore, we need to CHANGE!


We suggest the first change would be the way we evaluate and choose waterproofing products.

From the above information, it is easy to see that a waterproof product with good-sounding technical specs, a substantial portfolio of many large-scale projects, long-term warranty promises, etc. is not certainly an effective product.

The best criteria to evaluate is actual results: Only choose products that have proven to perform well in many projects for at least 10 years.


INTOC Differences:


1. We replaced the current waterproofing solution (which is complicated and costly) using entirely new innovative technology:

- Rooftop gardens without multiple waterproofing layers.

- High-rise pools not containing a secondary concrete slab (to collect and drain leakages).

- Basement waterproofing both positive and negative side with no drainage systems + sump pumps + cover walls.


2. Waterproofing is a high-risk field in which businesses frequently get complaints. However, INTOC quality has been confirmed and praised by numerous clients and experts in the construction industry over the last 20 years.

(Please read more at links: 4,5,6)


The most noticeable difference of INTOC can be easily proved in basements that have widespread seepage areas, for example, Barrette basement walls (Diaphragm walls). The current technology cannot dry the surface temporarily – not to mention any long-term effect, but INTOC had great results in those cases – fully dry and utilized basement space – no drainage system. We also solved many challenging cases where other products had failed multiple times (sometimes 4 or 5 times over several years). Our results still last to this day.

(Please read more at links: 7,8,9)


This letter is our brief introduction. We would love to hear your opinions and maybe have a chance to work together to minimize the high expense of water intrusion problems.


Best regards,

Do Thanh Tich

Chairman - General Director




Reference links:


1. According to a research by Bach Khoa University HCMC, published in Vietnam Construction Review - Vietnam Ministry of Construction (Dec. 2016), 84.35% of civil buildings and 78.3% of building basements in HCMC have leakage problems. This research also cited the water intrusion numbers in the U.S.: 60%, Singapore: 53%; Italy, Spain, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong… all consider water intrusion a serious problem in construction.

Scan from original print:



2. The New York Times: 60% U.S. homes and basements have damp or moisture problems (according to the American Society of Home Inspectors). Publications on water intrusion problem in the US from The New York Times, Minnesota University, Bob Vila program, Missouri Department of Resources: 


3. At a recent Metro tunnel project, the contractor used the drainage + sump pump system as waterproofing solution:


4. Video feedbacks from 5 industry experts and feedback letter from reputable customers:


5. Confirmation letters from professionals, university professors and architects’ associations:


6. Photo gallery of INTOC Waterproofing Seminars – in collaboration with Architecture Associations and Universities:


See more photos at:


7. Videos from our basement waterproofing project in Gigamall Shopping Complex


8. Pictures and feedback letter from FORD Car Factory project

9. Letter of recommendation from Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation:


10. Water intrusion problem in France

On June 28th, 2020, INTOC was honored to be invited to the online seminar on Waterproofing, hosted by the Vietnamese community of civil engineers who worked in Vietnam and abroad. After our presentation, Ph.D. Phan Ngoc Anh – currently teaching and working in France, shared that there are areas in France where the water intrusion rate in rooftops could be up to 99%.

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